Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rome Cee's Tunnel Vision Review by Al Shipley

On 5-2-10, Baltimore City Paper columnist-Al Shipley wrote:

This free EP (or 'FreEP') by Rome Cee is really a stealth album, in the same sense that B.O.M.B.'s Testers was, fitting about as many songs as you can fit on a record and still plausibly call it an EP (in fact it's got the same number of tracks as Illmatic and only 30 seconds shorter). But what really impresses me about this record is that it doesn't feel like there's a single wasted moment; no intros or outros or skits or choruses that go on forever, just a whole lot of rapping, and Rome Cee is pretty fuckin' nice. It feels a little frontloaded, where the first few tracks outshine the stuff toward the end, but overall it's still pretty strong, all original production, though I'm not sure who did the beats. There's a few guest verses, including one by Kneel Knaris of PX (Parts Unknown), but for the most part it's all Rome Cee's show.

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